Trade metals and energy resources with JPM Invest

Trade in non-ferrous metals with the JPN INVEST broker and get a solid profit.

Use a wide range of analytical tools JPM INVEST and invest means with obtaining a solid profit from the turnover of precious metals and energy resources.


Despite the fact that the main assets of the Forex market are represented in the currency equivalent, the trade in precious metals is very popular among traders. In the list of metals that you can trade, there are gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Of the energy resources, oil and natural gas are released. This opens up new horizons for you to earn money with the JPM INVEST financial instruments.

The main trades in metals are carried out on the largest exchanges in two cities of world significance – these are London and New York. London trading is the largest and oldest market for the physical sale of precious metals. Since the time of the London fixing in 1919, its value is the main reference point for world traders. This indicator is used in contracts for the supply of precious metals. In other words, the value for gold and silver is set in London.

Today, setting the price of gold and silver occurs at a certain time: 10.30 and 15.00 GMT in the equivalent of the US dollar per ounce (troy ounce). The cost is official and applies to all participants of the metal market. In the range between setting the price of metals, their value moves and is determined by the indicators of demand and supply. This gives you the opportunity to profitably and quickly trade with the tools and professional support of JPM INVEST.

The metal market in New York is characterized by huge volumes of futures, which are traded on the NYMEX, commodity exchange marketplace of New York. Only this exchange gives you the opportunity to profit from the trade in metals at affordable prices.

Other significant centers of precious metals trading are the markets of Zurich, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

Trade in energy resources is provided by NYMEX and ICE – the New York and Intercontinental exchanges – these trading platforms specialize in the sale and purchase of energy resources.

You can profitably trade around the clock due to the difference in time zones.


You will trade in metals and energy resources on a brokerage platform, which is equipped with all the necessary functionality for efficient work and profit. You are ensured safety and reliability through the use of modern technologies that are integrated into the system.

Joint work with the broker JPM INVEST provides a comfortable working environment:

  • high liquidity;
  • high speed of operations;
  • one of the lowest spreads on the market;
  • professional support;
  • Advanced tools for working with analytics;
  • living statistics;
  • the most convenient hedging;
  • specialized oscillators and calculators;
  • demo account.


The principle of the trader’s work with precious metals is no different from working with standard currency pairs – the only difference is that in the role of one of the currencies is the precious metal: gold XAU or silver XAG. With the energy resources the same story – oil and gas are in pairs with the currency and traded in the format of contracts for the difference in prices, or CFD.

To work with precious metals and energy resources, you do not need specific strategies – you can use any trading scenario to make a profit, as well as use the entire JPM INVEST toolkit to monitor the market and track the price dynamics. For the most effective trade, focus on the place of the asset in the economic environment. For example, the value of gold directly depends on the world situation in the market economy.

Gold has always acted as an indicator of the efficiency of the economy. When the economy shows growth, one can observe a rise in all economic sectors and a drop in the value of gold. And in case of a recession in the economic sector, the value of gold is growing, as in this precious metal investors see a stable and liquid asset for investment.

The cost of gold depends on various factors: the US dollar rate, the volatility of the currency market, the price of oil. With the increase in the value of liquid gold, there is an increase in the price of precious metals.

In the oil trade, several markers are used: WTI, a ready-to-use product, allows to influence the control of risks in the energy sector due to increased liquidity, volume and transparency compared to Brent crude oil. Oil trading is conducted online, which allows you to participate in transactions regardless of time and place. Take into account the volatility of the value of an asset, which changes daily – this allows you to derive significant benefits from price fluctuations. The trade in oil contracts depends on the shelf life of the raw materials.

You can also trade in natural gas by entering into CFD contracts for GAS / USD futures. Track the dynamics of raw material prices and use its changes to your advantage. You can get additional profit taking into account the dependence of currencies, indices and goods on the cost of natural gas.


Let’s say that you decided to purchase platinum by investing in this precious metal a certain amount of money, with the prospect of making a profit by playing at its price.

The price for platinum is characterized by fluctuations in the range of 1-2 days at a rate of 50 US dollars. That is, the daily change in the value of the precious metal is about 25 US dollars.

For example, if you buy 0.1 lot of platinum, which weighs 5 ounces, your profit will be 125 US dollars. To conclude a deal, you must have over 20% of your current purchase price at your market price, that is, at a cost of $ 1700 per ounce, you must have at least $ 340 in your account.

For effective platinum trading, the optimal account balance is $ 1,000 for short-term transactions and $ 2,500 for medium-term transactions.

For quick profit making, choose the appropriate account type, use the proposed toolkit and, if necessary, contact the educational center JPM INVEST.

Working with us, you get a first-class service that is profitable and available to you to trade without being tied to time and place.