Crypto-currency trading with JPM Invest broker

The popularity of crypto-currencies has recently increased to the skies. This is not surprising, since people realized with Bitcoin that digital money is not just another dummy or an example of network marketing, but a way to earn real money. The growing interest in digital assets has led to emergence of a wide variety of crypto-currency products on the market – users actively invest their money and manipulate coins for profit.

The emergence of first crypto-currency is dated back to the 1992-ies. At that time, the first open source cryptographic product and cryptographic encryption was developed. At the same time, there were a lot of unresolved technological issues until 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto “gave” the world a Bitcoin, which gave the rise to finance sphere evolution with digital assets integration.


Convenience of trading crypto-currency is that you invest your funds in virtual assets, and their constant exchange rate fluctuations allow you tracing profits.

If you are dealing with crypto-currency funds for the first time, you must buy them for fiat money, that is, dollar, euro, pound, ruble, hryvnia or any other currency. After that, you can track the rate of purchased coin and sell them to buy other altcoins: the more speculation, the greater is the profit.

For example, you bought 1 BTC for $ 10,000. After a while Bitcoin grew in price – its rate reached $ 12,000, and you sell it, getting back $ 12,000. As a result, you have a net profit of $ 2,000. In other case, you can buy, for example, LTC at its minimum cost, and sell it after a while when it reaches a peak price. This is an example of fiat-crypto-currency pair operation. Using the similar scheme, it is possible to operate with trade pairs of crypto-currency-crypto-currency.


JPM INVEST provides you with modern and high-tech solutions to conduct profitable trade transactions with crypto-currency assets:

  • comfortable and safe working conditions with cash assets;
  • wide range of analytical tools for working with statistics;
  • specialized calculators;
  • support for an extensive currency pairs package;
  • high liquidity indicators;
  • testing of assets performance on demo account.

The list of main crypto-currencies available for trading:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ripple;
  • Dashcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Monero;
  • EOS;
  • Litecoin;
  • Emercoin;
  • IOTA;
  • MBT;
  • Namecoin;
  • OmiseGo;
  • PeerCoin;
  • UST.

We provide the widest range of earning opportunities with crypto-currencies, and cooperation with the leading world banks allows us to be the leaders in this segment of trading.

Reliability is one of JPM INVEST key principals. Our income depends on each trader’s earnings: we strive to provide all the customers with the most comfortable conditions for crypto currency operation.

With other brokers you have to pay for using service resources regardless of transaction outcome. This provides a guaranteed profit to the trading platform, rather than the trader.

JPM INVEST interacts with the trader according to the principle of trader and broker mutual profitability resulted from successful transaction. Such an algorithm ensures JPM INVEST interested in users making profit and allows building trustful and mutually beneficial relationships with traders.

Profitable, convenient, fast – that’s all about trading with JPM INVEST. Check it out right now: a wide range of trading platform options and high-tech tools will help you effectively trade with crypto-currency.