Forex trading with JPM Invest broker

Forex market is the “New Testament of the Economy” for those who like to earn money and want money to work back. The purchase and sale of currency, securities, precious metals, a game with rate fluctuations – all these are tools for obtaining a solid profit. Use JPM INVEST broker functionality and get a guaranteed income on sale and purchase of Forex currency.

Forex exchange evolution occurred within a period from 1971 till 1976, when US President Nixon abolished free national currency convertibility to dollar and gave up on the “gold standard”. This allowed for currencies exchange using free prices and no gold content. This is how the Foreign Exchange, or Forex, emerged, which is still a popular trading platform for traders.


You can trade on Forex market using a large number of currency pairs. The most popular oones include euro-dollar (EURUSD) and pound-sterling-dollar (GBPUSD). However, you still have a large number of trading pairs, trading which will bring you a solid profit.

Forex market currency assets are divided into:

  • Majors, or major currency pairs;
  • Crosses, or cross-rates;
  • Exotics, or exotic trading pairs.

Majors category includes the US dollar and currencies of the most significant world nations, among which:

  • Euro;
  • GBP;
  • Australian dollar;
  • New Zealand Dollar;
  • Japanese yen;
  • Swiss frank;
  • Canadian dollar.

For effective operation, use JPM INVEST tool kit and trade with the most popular currencies – this will eliminate the risks of losing funds in the event of intervention by national banks

Crosses are represented by the currencies listed above, but without the US dollar in the trading pair. There are many options here, and currency pairs activity is higher than that of majors. We recommend that you carefully select currency pairs for work in order to avoid surprises and troubles with exchange rate fluctuations.

Exotics are combinations of the US dollar with small countries’ currencies. The list here is indefinite. These trading pairs are characterized by:

  • high spreads;
  • low liquidity;
  • weak flow predictability.

These are not of much interest for the trader – you will waste your time and margin.


Forex assets trading requires certain skills in trader. JPM INVEST broker provides you not only with the necessary tools for effective operation, but professional support as well – this guarantees stable and high income with minimal risks.


  • a wide range of analytical tools to work with market dynamics and generate effective strategies;
  • specialized calculators to calculate potential profit;
  • a demo account for trial trading with Forex currencies at no risk of losing your own money;
  • live statistics to track the actual changes on asset market;
  • online resource to work with no time or place reference;
  • advanced technologies for high-rate transactions and maximum access to the world market.

With JPM INVEST broker your operation is profitable, fast and convenient. JPM INVEST operation concept is that you trading and earning income brings us profit too. This ensures guarantees and reliability of cooperation with our company. Only trust between the broker and the trader leads to getting profit.

Trade with popular Forex currency pairs and make profit with JPM INVEST financial tools that improve process performance. JPM INVEST broker ensures you are provided with:

  • the lowest spread indicators for currency pairs, including EUR/USD;
  • operation with more than 50 currency pairs – major and exotic currencies;
  • high-rate order execution.

Analyse financial charts, work with the maximum number of financial instruments and earn with JPM INVEST broker.